2nd season

Mystery of Club 27

real-life escape room delivered to your home

We provide you with a full-fledged two-hour adventure for a team of music lovers

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After payment we will send you all necessary materials by Royal Post and detailed instructions by e-mail
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Got the package and then choose your time to be involved in your personal two-hour adventure accompanied by the world famous musicians

Restore the crime scene from scratch

We will send a copy of the facility where the story took place. This will help you find the culprit

Follow instructions to be sent to your phone
Do not miss a single detail, it can help you get closer to the solution
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    The scene will be collected step by step throughout the game

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    You will receive tasks from your friend in a mobile app

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    If you do everything right, you can solve the mystery of the crime and find the killer

Order an escape room and check how quickly you can cope with the tasks

Unravel the frightening mystery of Club 27

Who is to blame for the death of Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and many others?

Why do so many musicians die at the age of 27?
Where is the 'Club 27' located and how to get there?
Who is John Krontov?
Who will be the next victim?

Mystery of Club 27 are perfect
for all good music lovers

The game atmosphere and mood is designed for players of 18+

Strongly recommended for smart and brainy teams
Fascinating story
Our scriptwriters filled this adventure with unexpected twists and an interesting denouement
Unique challenges
The challenges and puzzles are unique. We create them ourselves and do not use cheap serial tricks
Detailed instructions
We will help you understand the game using the instructions that will be part of the game. Do not worry — you will definitely succeed
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Our awards

In fall 2017 "Komnata quest" was voted the best escape room company in the USA in a poll by the oldest American nationwide newspaper USA Today.

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What do our customers say

Komnata Quest has quickly become one of my favorite brands in the US. Their games carry a distinctly different flavor that's always satisfying, compelling and engaging.
Chris Moschella
It’s an amazing feeling when in an adventure you encounter the greatest geniuses of the past and help them solve a problem!
Alla Krontova

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