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Komnata quest

The most extravagant escape rooms in the world.
More than £100.000 of the total budget spent to build each game!

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Why do we call our private escape rooms - adventures?

Everything inside of the room will immerse you in the world of the game. In each room the decor, special effects, and sounds are specifically tailored to the room’s theme.

You don’t just solve puzzles, you uncover a story in which you are the main character.

Challenge yourself and build up trust and communication with your team!

Most important escape room features

High Tech Puzzles

We pride ourselves on having state of the art technology that takes our puzzles way beyond just combination locks and finding keys.

Custom Designed Rooms

When you walk into a Komnata Quest escape room, you are walking in to a set that was custom built and tailor made to suit the room’s story and puzzles. Each room is one of a kind!

An Epic Experience

In each adventure you move from one exciting room to the next. You are put in the middle of an interactive story, where you get to be the hero!

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Try any of our private escape room adventures: mystery, horror or fun and get a discount for the next one for your entire team!

Choose from many different genres: horror escape room, adventure escape room, fairy-tale, adult-oriented, kid-friendly, and many more!

The main goal is to unravel the mystery of Komnata and find the way out. Sovle puzzles, think outside the room, be faster.

It’s like a Hollywood blockbuster, except that you are the hero. We apply high quality standards to the scenarios, advertising materials, locations and constantly improve them.

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Escape Room Adventure That Will Surprise You

If you are looking for a novelty in the way you spend your time with friends or work colleagues, room escape games can be the next thing for you to try. How come? They make your brains think, friends become closer owing to the mutual aims and obviously the whole process nothing but fun. With a variety of settings and scenarios, you can try the one you deem the most interesting at the moment and then continue discovering this adventurous activity.

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