Komnata - the best escape room in the USA in 2019!

10 jun 2019

Maze of Hakaina located at our Manhattan branch was named as "2019 Keys To Greatness – Best Game winners". That's how they explained their decision:

Komnata Quest is an internationally recognized brand with locations literally around the globe – and for good reason. Their games are often among the standard-bearers of our industry, each jammed full of unique puzzles and clever tech. But with so many viable options to choose from, one Komnata Quest offering stands as a firm contender to the Best Game title: Maze of Hakaina. Different from its outset, this game’s narrative-based flow tells a compelling story from start to finish, brought to life with its outside-the-box puzzle style and completely unique setting – an actual maze full of moving walls that creates some pretty epic surprise reveals throughout the adventure. Simply put, everything about Maze of Hakaina is a satisfying – and inspiring – experience.

The good news is, the same game is launching in London this summer!

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