How To Win the Escape Room?

18 jul 2019

Have you ever heard of escape rooms? Escape room is a chain of puzzles placed in a certain location.The essence is always almost the same: you should complete tasks and solve riddles that bring you closer to victory.To make it more exciting, the creators of the escape rooms come up with a legend basing on a historical or popular plot.

Why do people visit escape rooms in London? To escape the reality and immerse themselves in an unusual atmosphere; to test their strength and look at their friends in unusual surroundings, as well as to feel like a superhero or tickle their nerves when a maniac chains them to the wall.

How To Choose An Escape Room

It’s suggested to start with large franchises that have already established themselves on the market.Such companies have already developed certain standards, so the quality of performance will be at the highest possible level. And this is essential; for example, sometimes much time can be lost due to breakdowns of one or another mechanism.Certainly, the operator can add extra minutes or restart the game, however, the impressions are not going to be the same.

Reviews on websites are also very helpful.It’s worth looking critically and distinguishing real reviews from paid ones.In general, if there are lots of reviews about the escape rooms and most of them are positive, you can give such room a try.

Don’t be shy to ask the operator any interesting for your questions by the phone; you may ask how difficult the escape room is and how many people there should be to complete it.

Ways To Beat An Escape Room

The modern escape rooms has a form of an intellectual game.The conditions of such a game are simple and clear: a team of 2 - 5 like - minded people is locked indoors.For a certain period of time (often players are given 60 minutes), team members must have time to find a way out of this room.

To do this, they have to work together to solve different puzzles and tasks.Successful solution of all tasks allows the team moving forward, getting hints and finding the right path which will lead them to the main props – the key to the front door. The key is the most significant item in the game, since only it is able to set the team free and become a symbol of their victory.

Here are some tips which will help you during the game.

There are no too complicated and impossible to complete tasks since the creators want you to enjoy the game and come to the room one more time.

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